Monday, July 27, 2015

Photo by Rod Satterthwaite
Creative Thinking

Listening to Karl Gude last night was inspiring, necessary and downright hilarious. He is a very good public speaker with his movement of his body and arms, his change of voice and his sheer enjoyment of the topic. Although his topic was supposed to be on just being creative, he taught everyone that the way of being creative is by experiencing anti conformation. This applies to sports writing because you can think outside of the box to write things that are not just sports. You can find new angles, angles that don’t directly relate to the sport itself. Also, Karl also said that failing is the way to finding new, creative things. For example, you can try angles that you think will work but actually don’t work. So you just pick yourself up, embrace the failure, move on and try again. He taught us failure is part of life. He also taught us that we should always try to remain creative although we have lots of exterior forces trying to remove the inner child in us all.

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